Providing Briguna Loans Accompanied by Collateral to Civil Servants at Bank Rakyat Indonesia Limited Company (Persero) Tbk Company in Padang Branch

Yulianti Nishrina, Busyra Azheri, Neneng Oktarina


Briguna credit is credit given to prospective borrowers with a source of financing (repayment) derived from a fixed income source or fixed income (salary). One of the target markets for this loan is civil servants, by fulfilling the requirements of salaries and Decree on Appointment of Civil Servants. For this reason, the provisions regarding briguna credit in general are not requested for collateral in the form of immovable or movable objects. Every credit given by a bank to its customers raises what is called credit risk, as does the case with briguna credit. The risk in question is the failure of the customer in returning credit in the form of installments up to the full credit agreed at the beginning of the credit agreement. In this study two problem formulations were formulated. The data used are primary data in the form of interviews and document and library studies and secondary data sourced from primary legal materials and secondary legal materials. To analyze the data, a qualitative analysis was conducted. The provision of briguna credit accompanied by guarantees to civil servants at the Bank Rakyat Indonesia Limited Company in Padang Branch was motivated by: the character of the debtor in paying obligations, decreasing the salaries of civil servants in connection with the termination of the position of civil servants as well as the transfer of the bank payment of civil servants' salaries to competitor banks and influencing the ability to pay briguna credit by civil servants applying for credit, so as to avoid the occurrence of non-performing loans in accordance with the Account Officer analysis and adjusment official decision based on the precautionary principle of asking for the guarantee to be guaranteed and the guarantee request is approved by the debtor on the grounds of the need for credit, the requirements are easier than a Home Ownership Credit or Motorized Vehicle Loan, feeling safe if kept at a bank. The position of collateral in the granting of briguna credit is only kept in a Bank Rakyat Indonesia Limited Company (Persero) Tbk Padang Branch until the briguna credit is paid off, the proof of delivery is only with a receipt of guarantee, in this case the guarantee is only a moral binding that is to give a psychological impact on the debtor to be more responsible in paying briguna credit installments.


Credit Briguna; Civil Servants, Guarantees; Bank Rakyat Indonesia Limited Company (Persero) Tbk

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Statutory Regulator

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Circular Letter of the Directors of Bank Rakyat Indonesia NOSE: S.10-DIR / ADK / 05/2015 dated 29 May 2015 concerning BRIGUNA.

Elucidation of Article 29 paragraph 4 of the Banking Law


https: //,principles- recognize-nasabah-in-perbank.


Interview with Briguna Credit Debtor at Bank Rakyat Indonesia Limited Company (Persero) Tbk Padang Branch.



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