Legal Protection of Workers with a Certain Time Agreement on Labor Service Providers by PT. Dayatama Polanusa

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The employment agreement is the beginning of a working relationship between the Worker and the Company. Companies in the Oil and Gas business sector employ a lot of Workers with a Specific Time Work Agreement system (hereinafter referred to as PKWT) to reduce the cost of the Workers in order to increase the profits of the Company and in fact, many PKWT systems are not in accordance with the provisions of Law Number 13 the Year 2003 concerning Manpower and other legal rules governing Manpower, so that it harms and eliminates the protection of Workers with the PKWT system. The main problem in this study is how the legal protection of workers with the PKWT system at PT. Dayatama Polansa. This study uses a sociological juridical approach method that is an approach that emphasizes field practice is associated with aspects of the law or legislation in force.


Legal Protection; Workers; Specific Time Work Agreements

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Interview with Syarifuddin, HRD of PT. Dayatama Polanusa in Pekanbaru, on 12 August 2019.

Interview with Workers of Specific Time Work Agreements at BOB PT. BSP - Pertamina Hulu, on August 24, 2019.



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