The Impact of New Media Use on Youth Political Engagement

Hasbullah Azis, Pawito Pawito, Agung Setyawan


During increasing studies and debates on the impact of the use of social media, especially among young people in the context of civil life and political action, some researchers suggest that the category of findings on these two categories is optimistic or pessimistic. Focusing on young Chinese ethnic groups in Singkawang City, this study aims to view the extent to which social media is a driving force for young people’s online political engagement. By conducting a multiple correlation regression analysis of 100 respondents data collected using a questionnaire, this study found that the use of social media was not the main driver (contributing on 25.6%) for increased online political engagement by young Chinese Singkawang, but social media provided opportunities for Singkawang Chinese young people to access information and transfer political knowledge.


New Media; Media Effect; Political Engagement; Youth

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