Translation Analysis of Political Terms in the Movie of “Snowden” and “White House Down”

Mukhriddin Khoshimov, M. R. Nababan, Agus H. Wibowo


The objective of this study is to identify political terms in the movie of  “Snowden” and “White House Down, to identify translation techniques and to describe translation quality of translation of political terms. The data were collected through content analysis and focus group discussion. The study indicates that 21 translation techniques determines its qualities. It reveals that established equivalent and pure borrowing technique result in good quality of translation. However, the technique with the most inaccurate and unacceptable translation is deletion and discursive creation techniques. The average of translation quality is 2.63 which means that the translation quality is good since it obtains score to fulfill the good criteria and the translation is quite accurate and acceptable.


Translation Technique; Translation Quality; Political Term; Snowden; White House Down

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