Legal Protection for Children as a Victim of Criminal Pornographic Actions According to Law Number 44 of 2008

Sonny Pangeran BT, Rodliyah Rodliyah, RR. Cahyowati


The purpose of this study are as follows: 1) To find out and examine the form of Legal Protection for Children as Victims of Pornography Crimes According to Law Number 44 of 2008 concerning pornography. 2) To find out and study the efforts that must be made by the government in Law Enforcement Against Perpetrators of Pornography. The type of research used by the author in this thesis is normative legal research that studies law as the norm in legislation. Normative Legal Research is also called library research, document study, as well as doctrinal law research, because this research is conducted or aimed only at written legislation or other legal materials. In conducting normative legal research or also known as doctrinal research using statutory regulations, court decisions (jurisprudence), legal theory, and opinions of legal experts related to legal protection for children as victims of pornography crime according to law number 44 of 2008 about pornography. From the results of the research Based on the discussion and analysis that has been done, it can be concluded that the Legal Protection for Children as Victims of Pornography Acts according to Law Number 44 Year 2008 is to provide comfort to victims in providing special protection for children so that their trauma and mental illness are not disturbed and has the right to rehabilitation,And efforts by the government and the community to prevent the occurrence of pornography involving children by conducting seminars, appeals, socialization of the community so that the protection of children from cases of pornography is not widespread and prevented earlier. The form of criminal liability for pornography involving children is regulated in Article 37 of Law Number 44 Year 2008 concerning Pornography, that criminal sanctions are added 1/3 of the maximum threat of criminal. Where criminal sanctions can be given are imprisonment only, criminal fines in the form of money only, or imprisonment plus fines.


Legal Protection; Crime victim Pornography; Law Number 44 of 2008

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