The Quality of Abstraction of Philosophical Concepts based on the Foundations of Transcendental Wisdom

Mohammadreza Gorgin, Mojtaba Rahmanian, Muhammad Amin Bahrami


Secondary philosophical rationality emerges as a branch of the discussion of science and understanding in Islamic philosophy. This argument can be examined from both ontological and epistemological aspects and there is a close relationship between its ontological and epistemological directions. This debate in Islamic philosophy has been examined more regarding the ontological aspect. One of the long-standing debates between East and West philosophers is the quality of the mind's access to these concepts. This research seeks to prove the direct and immediate perception of these concepts on the basis of some of the foundations of transcendental wisdom, including the conception and validation of philosophical concepts abroad, as well as the existence of the self and the quality of its perception, from outside and from the inside of sensory perception. Although this theory does not exist in the works of Sadr al-Muti’allihīn, but his philosophical foundations provide the context for such an explanation.


Transcendental Wisdom; Philosophical Concepts; Abstraction; Sadr Al-Muti’allihīn

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