Analysis of Social Activities Value and Economy Activities Value Agricultural Technology Park in Aceh Besar District

Irvandra Fatmal vandr fatmal, Suyanti Kasimin, Agus Nugroho


The center of the problem discussed in this study is: the value of social and economic activities from the shift of technology in the Agricultural Technology Park (TTP) of Aceh Besar District and the obstacles and solutions in the process of the technology shift to achieve the objectives of the TTP. This research uses a qualitative descriptive research method to answer the formulation of the problem comprehensively. It aims to provide facts and data about the value of social and economic activities in the TTP. Based on the results of the study it can be concluded that the value of social activities in the TTP can be seen from the education and training provided to farmers. Therefore, it creates an agricultural technological innovation that is an increase in paddy production which was only 4 tons/ha now rises to 5-6 tons/ha. The value of the economic activity of TTP can be seen from the availability of new superior varieties of rice seeds in the TTP and provides an easier way for farmers. Also, the agricultural machinery is cheaper compared to the ones outside the agricultural TTP. Furthermore, for the formulation of the third problem, namely constraints and solutions in the process of the technology shift to achieve the objectives of the TTP, there are 11 constraints obtained during the period 2015-2018 that were successfully identified. Number 11 or increasing the role of communication in delivering agricultural technology innovation to farmers is an important thing because the whole set of implementation must be accompanied by good communication. Communicating to convey information to farmers, agricultural extension workers and students can go through two communication processes, namely direct communication (face to face) or it can also be media communication.


Value of Social & Economic Activities; Agricultural Technology Park; Rice Seeds; Agricultural Machine Tools; Aceh Besar; Indonesia

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