Legal Protection for a Notary in the Case of Data Falsification by the Parties (Case Study Number 385 K / Pid / 2006)

Rangga Prayudha Putra, Ismansyah Ismansyah, Azmi Fendri


Notary in carrying out his position if violating the law or code of ethics can be imposed sanctions, which are civil sanctions and administrative sanctions. The UUJN does not mention the application of criminal sanctions, but if an offense committed by a notary contains elements of forgery or intentional / negligence in making authentic letters / deeds whose information is false and proven in court then after being subjected to administrative sanctions and civil sanctions, will be criminal sanctions are also imposed. This thesis using normative juridical approach. Data collected in the form of data from related regulations and books. The type of data used is Secondary Data consisting of primary, secondary and tertiary legal materials. The focus of the study in this study is to examine how the legal protection of notaries in connection with falsification of data by the parties in case number 385 K / Pid / 2006. The result showed that the Legal Protection of the Notary with the privileges owned by the notary, right of refusal, the obligation to reject and exclusive rights.


Legal Protection; Notary; Case of Data Falsification

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