The Value - Added Analysis of Gayo Arabica Coffee based on Processing

Taufiqurrahman S.P, Dr. Ir. Fajri M.Sc, Dr. Lukman Hakim S.P., M.P


Indonesia is the fourth largest coffee exporting country in the world after Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia. Aceh is one of the biggest coffee producer regions in Indonesia.Data from BPS shows that there are six regencies which are the centers of coffee production in Aceh Province. Central Aceh and Bener Meriah distric are the main production centers of the six distric. This study aims to determine the differences in Value-Added of Gayo Arabica coffee beans based on the processing. The research location was taken in the area of coffee production centers in the Province of Aceh, specifically Bener Meriah and Central Aceh Regencies. This study shows that the Value-Added of green beans coffee is higher than the other two processing methods, that is Rp. 28,337 / Kg with ratio 38.40% in Central Aceh Regency and Rp. 26,738 / Kg with ratio 37.14% in Bener Meriah Regency.


Coffee; Processing; Value Added

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