License For Civil State Apparatus For Divorce (ASN) And Completion Religious Courts In Class IA Padang Based On Decision Number 270 / Pdt.G/2019/PA.Pdg

Moenica Mahapadiat, Yaswirman Yaswirman, Najmi Najmi


State Civil Apparatus is a servant of the state and public servant should be a good example for the people in the behavior, actions and obedience to the laws and regulations in force, including promoting family life. Therefore each ASN will perform marriage and divorce must obtain permission from government agencies. Based on this, the author became interested in conducting research on How to Process Permit Divorce For Apparatus Civil State (ASN) in Instasi Government, How Proceedings Divorce Reform of Civil State (ASN) in the Religious Padang, and the legal consequences of divorce Apparatus State Civil Against Together treasure. The method used in this research is the empirical jurisdiction. Juridical empirical method for an approach that examines secondary data first, and then proceed to conduct research in the field of primary data. The research result shows that it can be deducedEach ASN will carry out a divorce must go through the permit process in the relevant institutions for which he serves as the claimant is obliged to submit a written application form Application for License to divorce and the reasons Permission to divorce can be granted by officials when, not contrary to the teachings or Regulation religion dianutnunya or belief against God Almighty. and if the application process has been completed, the ASN will get a license to perform Divorce approved by the supervisor.ASN divorce proceedings, ASN divorce after getting permission from a supervisor or director. Plaintiff subsequently registered the case and the defendant waited Mail Call to attend the trial. Furthermore, the plaintiffs and follow the stages of the trial terguggat peace efforts, the reading of the lawsuit, the defendant answers, evidence and conclusions and decisions.


License; Divorce; Civil State Apparatus

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