The Use of Pocket Dictionary and Online Word-For-Word Translation on Reading Skill: An Experimental Study at Sman 4 Kota Bima Academic Year 2018/2019

Arma Dinarty


This research is aimed at comparing the impact of published pocket dictionary (PD) and online word-for- word (OWfW) translation on the students’ reading skill. The study was conducted at the second year students of SMAN 4 Kota Bima in the academic year 2018/2019. The method used was experimental study wherein two classes of students were purposively selected as experimental samples. One class of 32 students (i.e. XI Science 1) served as the pocket dictionary group and one class of 32 students (i.e. XI Science 2) were selected as the word-for-word online translation group.  Each group was taught three types of reading texts (i.e. narrative, argument, and procedure) obtained from pedagogic texts in the textbooks and authentic texts from other (non-textbook) sources. Pre-test and post-test were administered to each group prior to and after the treatment. The data was analyzed by using multiple t- test formula comparing multiple dimensions of the dictionary use and the reading skills. The study shows that both PD and OWfW translations were equally effective in assisting the students with the reading skills. PD translation is more effective for skimming skill useful for general comprehension of reading texts, OWfW translation is more effective for helping students scan for specific information in the texts. The paper also discusses opportunities and challenges facing the students in using the dictionary types.


Dictionary; Translation; Reading Skill

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