A Review Article regard Distortion in the Encyclopedia of Islam

Marziyeh Dastmard, Ahmad Beheshtimehr


Some authors of articles in area of the Encyclopedia of Islam have not only failed to observe fairness in their reports and have made mistakes, but also their tone is deliberately indication of suspicion and infliction of slander on Islam and Muslims. One of the doubts raised by Orientalists is the distortion of the encyclopedia of Islam. This encyclopedia contains various entries (about a thousand entries) in Quranic subjects. Among these entries, there are titles that their authors have referred to as "distortions" or "titles". Distortion means the displacement of words and sentences or their misinterpretation, which leaves the concept of the theologian out of the proper context and leaves it to a concept, and this concept lies in the margin of the original meaning, which causes misunderstandings of authors (Hawa Lazarus), and the issue of distortion in the encyclopedia of Islam was promoted in this article and a review of this article has been made.


Islam; Distortion; Encyclopedia of Islam

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v6i6.1205


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