Translation Techniques of the Responses of Refusal Speech Act in Percy Jackson the Last Olympian

Maruf Rifanda, MR Nababan, Djatmika Djatmika


This study is about the analysis of English refusal strategies, the responses and how the sentences accommodating the response are translated into Bahasa Indonesia. The data were taken from the last series of Percy Jackson & Olympians series entitled Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian and its translation version Percy Jackson dan Dewi Olympia Terakhir. The aims of this study are to find out the types of refusal strategies in the original novel, what speech act accomodates the response of refusal, and to identify what techniques applied to translate sentences accomodating the response of refusal speech act. This study used refusal strategies theory proposed by Beebe et al (1990) in order to analyze the refusal strategies as the linguistic data. Meanwhile, translation techniques theory proposed by Molina and Albir (2002) was used to identify the translation techniques applied by translator.


Translation; Pragmatics; Speech Act

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