A Critical Study on the Reasons of the Unity of the Truth of Existence in Ibn Arabī’s Mystical school and Ṣadr al-Muti'allihīn's Philosophy

Habibullah Danesh Shahraki, Ahmad Abedi, Ehsan Mansouri


The issue of existence is regarded as the most fundamental issues in philosophy and mysticism. It has always been important to discuss the truth of existence as the most fundamental issue in Islamic philosophy and Islamic mysticism and the subscription and dissociation point of these two sciences has been always important. Ibn Arabī, as a theorist of theoretical mysticism in the Islamic thought, considers the truth of existence as the central theme of this science, and other things are the manifestations, the dignity, the aspects and the emergence of this truth. There is just the existence of right. Existence is a single truth. In fact there is no other than the single truth, and this truth is not multiplicative. In his school there are three arguments based on the immortality, the inexplicability, and the essentiality of existence. In Ṣadr al-Muti'allihīn's thought, three arguments have been presented based on Sadrian's special meaning of causality, non-solitary of existence, and the Basit al-Haqiqah (simple truth). The article criticizes these arguments and examines the approach of the mystical school of Ibn Arabī and Ṣadr al-Muti'allihīn.


Truth of Existence; Unity; Ibn Arabī; Ṣadr al-Muti'allihīn

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18415/ijmmu.v6i6.1146


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