Investigating the Dimensions of Military Defense Strategy (Security Approach) of Islamic Community from the Qur'an and Hadith Perspective

Mojtaba Ansari Moghadam, Morteza Fazeli


One of the most important issues in the Holy Quran and hadiths is the issue of jihad and defense. War is, in fact, a traumatic and violent phenomenon that is perpetrated by enemies in different dimensions; in fact, Islam, which is a religion of security and peace, considers war a kind of situation; This is why Islam is for the sake of security in society He commands jihad. The purpose of this study was to investigate and explain the quantitative and qualitative dimensions of military defense strategy with a security approach (in the direction of security stability) in the Holy Quran and Islamic narrations. This is one of the most important causes of the endurance and stability of the Islamic state. The present study is a theoretical one and has been done by descriptive-analytical method. The results of the study show that Islam is not a religion of indifference and holds itself accountable to all sections of society. The religion of Islam never accepts oppression, corruption, injustice and discrimination, and advocates jihad for the liberation of man, the fight against oppression, the elimination of corruption, the establishment of justice, and the various aspects of his military defense strategy. The present study also shows with a qualitative and quantitative approach that Muslims must think in different military dimensions and defend their lives, property, honor and land by developing and producing scientific knowledge in these dimensions.


Military Defense Strategy; Methods; Defense Jihad; Holy Quran; Traditions

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