Cooperation between Medicine and Food Supervisory Agency (BPPOM) in Padang and Institutions of Food Processing of Medicinal Medicine and Cosmetics of Indonesian Ulama Council (LPPOM MUI) in West Sumatera Province Concerning the Halal Status of Packaged Food Products

Dilla Ayuna Letri, Yaswirman Yaswirman, Zefrizal Nurdin


Indonesia is a country with muslim mayorities, therefore the state must protect the community to make ends meet, including of halal food according to the faith of every Muslim. In reality, many products in the community are not guaranteed with halal licence. In Indonesia, there is many packaged food products with unclear halal status, producer of these products is needed to be safe for consumption by all people, especially those who are Muslim. Writing this thesis uses an empirical juridical research approach method. The data collected is in the form of primary data obtained from related parties in the supervision of packaged food products, as well as secondary data obtained from primary, secondary and tertiary legal materials. From the results of the study it was found that the authority of the BPOM in conducting oversight of the halal packed food products contained in 2 (two) things, namely: supervision of pre-market and post market. The authority of LPPOM MUI in conducting supervision is carried out by Halal Auditors and Internal Halal Auditors in a company. Until now, BPOM still has not cooperated with LPPOM MUI or BPJPH as stated in a cooperation agreement. So that these agencies only work in accordance with the tasks specificly in the regulations made by their respective agencies and until now it is still difficult to create good coordination or cooperation, including in overseeing the halal of packed food product.


Cooperation; BBPOM; LPPOM MUI; Halal; Packed Food

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Interview with Mr. Syaifullah Zoelkiar, LPPOM MUI, on Monday, April 22, 2019, at 14.00

Interview with Mr. Yon Firman, as PFM Young Expert in Consumer Information Services, on Tuesday 2 July 2019, at 10:00



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