Voting Preferences at Getasan Sub-District in Semarang Regency Head Election

Nani Mediatati, Kristina R. Nababan


The regional head election in Semarang Regency was followed by two candidate pairs namely Mundjirin-Ngesti Nugraha and Nur Jatmiko - Mas' Ridudwan. One of the candidates is an incumbent from the previous regent, Mundjirin. This research tries to analyze related to voter preferences in Semarang Regency Regent election. Data collection methods used were interviews, observation and literature study. From the results of the study, researchers found two factors that had a significant influence in influencing the preferences of the Getasan sub-district community voters in the Semarang Regent election, namely the popularity and success team of the candidate pair. The habit of blusukan to the community while serving as regent previously made the popularity of Mundjirin known by the community. This has become a big capital in influencing people's preference to choose because the community's trust in their leaders has been built. On the other hand, Mundjirin is paired with Ngesti where Ngesti is a native / native son of Getasan sub-district, making Getasan to contribute greatly in giving victory to this couple. In addition, Ngesti was also the chairperson of Commission C of the Semarang Regency DPRD with the vote of 14,728 as the only candidate to reach the BPP and have a good role in the Semarang community. The factor of the campaign team and volunteers also has a big contribution because the success team becomes a form of socialization that is more easily understood by the community and even the successful team moves up to the RT level, besides of course inviting family and colleagues who have the right to vote.


Election; Voting Preference; Popularity

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