The Quality of School Administration Reviewed From Implementation of First Middle Middle School Supervision in Montong Gading Subdistrict

Junaidi Junaidi, I Wayan Karta, Untung Waluyo


This study aims to describe the implementation, and the problems faced by supervisors in carrying out their supervisory duties in the Public Middle School in Montong Gading District as well as strategic efforts made to solve the problems they face in the field. This study uses descriptive qualitative methods with case studies. The technique of collecting data uses in-depth interviews, participatory observation, and document studies. This study uses qualitative data collection techniques, namely Document Studies, Observations, and In-depth Interviews. Data analysis is done by reducing data, presenting data, and drawing conclusions, as well as the validity of the data using credibility, transferability, dependability, and confirmation. The results showed that: Supervisors at the Montong Gading District Middle School had taken measures to improve the quality of school administration such as arranging education planning, implementing guidance and assessment, and supervising educational administration. The school has prepared all school administration from the principal, curriculum, student affairs and school administration sections according to the programmed schedule. Efforts made by supervisors in improving the quality of school administration in the Montong Subdistrict Middle School, namely: 1) utilizing errors or administrative errors to be used as learning for further improvement. 2) the findings from the supervisor's report are input into the school. 3) together with supervisors conduct work meetings as a result of evaluation and supervision of school administration.


School Administration; Supervision

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